Monday, January 24, 2005

Right-wingers support bullies' rights to call kids "fags"

Discourage a liberal from trying to do some good so you can advance your own political agenda; yeah, that's pretty Christian.

Bob Johnson, director of marketing for the Pro-Family Coalition of America, said No Name-Calling Week is unnecessary. "The fags should do what my kids do when others call them 'Bible-thumpers' or 'Jesus-freaks,'" he said: "turn the other cheek."

OK, I made that up. But it's not far fetched, is it?


Jack Mercer said...

Oh, c'mon, Kathy! Where's your objectivity? Well, at least thanks for being honest.

Jack Mercer said...

Oh, on this article I have a comment to in response to the last paragraph:

"Homosexuality is not a moral issue — it's a fact, and kids who are gay, or maybe just different, need to be allowed to grow up in a safe environment just like everybody else," he said.

Having homosexual urges many not be wrong, but acting on it could be (according to some people) Having sexual urges toward children may not be wrong, but acting on pedophilia is often considered immoral (according to some people). As a heterosexual is it ok for me to sleep with every woman I want to even though I'm married? Is that immoral or not? Problem with many people is they fail to think and analyze, Kathy. There is plenty of "I feel" on the net, but little "I think".

But everyone should be able to live in a safe environment just like this man says, but its never guaranteed.

Peter Schrenk said...

Kathy, you have spun this story just like much of the liberal media. ;)

It's pretty hard to justify not supporting a "No-Name-Calling Week". Maybe I missed the part where those crazy right-wingnuts supported the bullies. I don't think a majority of conservative Christians would support little kids being called names, but maybe I'm naive.