Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fascism at Walmart -- imagine that

(Photographer Duane) Roy said a store official told him not to take pictures or publish them without getting permission. Then, a man in a suit who identified himself as a store security official ordered him to surrender his camera, Roy said.

Roy said he refused, so the man demanded the film in his camera, unaware that it was a digital camera.

Again, Roy refused. He locked the camera in his car.

"He said if I didn't turn the camera over to him, he would have me arrested" and ban him from the store, Roy said."

Gosh, wouldn't it be sad to be banned from Walmart!

1 comment:

Jack Mercer said...

I would LOVE to be banned from Walmart!

But, fascism? How can a private business be fascist?

C'mon, Kathy, do you work for Target?! :)