Monday, January 10, 2005

Filter out the fair-and-balanced

This is just funny: The Fox News Filter

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Jack Mercer said...

You know, its interesting that many of the mainstream media is looking at Fox News and saying that they really are fair and balanced. For example, when they would put a show on, they would have a liberal AND a conservative viewpoint. The lib networks would just have two libs on their with their noses buried up the asses of the lib anchor. So the lib media outlets considered Fox News "conservative" because they allowed a "conservative" viewpoint to be heard. The message of the left is intolerant and leaves no room for discourse. Its there way or the highway--sort of like the radical right. But shame on Fox for letting a conservative voice be heard as well as a liberal one.

Oh, btw, this isn't my assessment. This is a compilation of thoughts from great (self-professed) liberals like Walter Cronkite, Tom Brokaw, and Brian Williams.

Of course, this is probably TOO much info for what your post were just joking after all, but I thought I might try to spread a little love...