Monday, January 31, 2005

Examiner photog dies in car wreck

This is a real shock to those of us who work or did work at the Examiner. Susan was the photog their for 15 years. It's hard to know what to say or feel right now. For some reason, one of the first thoughts I had when I heard the news was about all those times I gave her a photo assignment at the last minute or otherwise made her life hard by not giving her enough info on a photo request, asking her to take a picture of something lame like a building, etc.


Dwana said...

I feel really shocked and so terribly sad.

I worked with Susan a long time. I can't believe she isn't here.

I guess in many ways, I identified with Susan. We were both vegetarians, both had daughters about the same age ...When I heard about this, I just kept wishing there was something I could do.

The one thing I am really grateful for was the summer Susan and I spent with the San Mateo County Fire Academy. We both had such a good time doing that. That summer took her away from the normally stupid things she had to take pictures of. In my opinion, she produced some of her best work from that assignment.
If we do put together a showing of her work, I think Susan would want those photos included.

Kathy Schrenk said...

Dwana, I definitely know how you feel about wanting to do something. It's so natural, wanting to focus our grief on something.

Josh and I talked briefly about ideas this evening. He suggested having an exhibition of her work in a gallery or some other venue, as well as a book. There are likely grants for this kind of thing,and I would think the county history museum would be interested. My initial ideas were to set up some sort of scholarship fund at her daughter's school or maybe a scholarship for photography students at Susan's alma mater. It's so fresh, I'm sure there will be other ideas...

Anonymous said...

You know, I felt the same way: horrible guilt for all the times I asked for a last-minute photo assignment, or called her on her day off.

I also cannot get over the black irony of that day. Do you know, I called her to see if she was already at the accident taking pictures and if she could give me directions? I couldn't find any safe way to get near it with the roads blocked off and no sidewalks or crosswalks crossing Oyster Pt. Boulevard.

I would also like to see an exhibition of her work, and some sort of fund set up, either for kids going into photojournalism from Nina's school or ... I don't know. Wildlife photography grants? She loved animals. We had a really nice morning Sunday together at Bay Meadows.

Doug told me the Bay Area Photo Journalist association wants to do a retrospective of her work.


Jack Mercer said...

Sorry to hear of your loss, Kathy.