Friday, January 30, 2015

Least great game ever

The MLB network (aka Costasvision) has been running down its Top 20 greatest games of all time (it's actually the greatest games of the last 40 years, but whatever). Whoever made the selections did a pretty good job (Gibson homer, Fisk homer and 2001 WS are all on there) though there could have been more than one regular-season game (Sandberg game, anyone?).

But I have a serious beef with #7. If this list is supposed to showcase incredible skill and exciting play, it fails utterly here. What this showcases is inexcusably unprofessional behavior on the part of the Cubs and appalling mob mentality by the fans. First, Alou has a tantrum worthy of a four-year-old. The excerpt on the web site shows that but doesn't show Prior then falling apart and Gonzalez making an error that let the inning go on longer than it ever should have.

Alou post-tantrum 

Bob Costas is right (as always): Bartman shouldn't be famous; none of us should know his name. It goes without saying that the Chicago Sun Times shouldn't have published his workplace and home address (yes, that actually happened). So, shame on you, MLB, I say. And Bob, dear, I expect better from you.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Manic Monday

The Amy Pohler-Tina Fey monologue really is funny and worth watching. But the main takeaway from the Golden Globes is why am I so interested in Kate Mara and Kevin Spacey??? I hate it when "trending" shows me celeb dating crap.

I'm pretty pissed at the animal rights people right now for making everyone talk about Sarah Palin again.

Aaand, this happened, inspired by this nonsense and this other nonsense.