Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hello - ello - llo - lo - o

Is anyone actually reading this thing (besides Peter -- thanks, bro'!)? Seriously. Anyone? Bueller?


sleave said...


Peter Schrenk said...

Here's what you have to do to attract readers: Link to some fairly well-read bloggers and follow those links or have others follow the links. Your comments about the other bloggers should preferably be inflammatory, but not over the top. ;) If you're lucky, they will link back to you in order to flame/fisk you.

Okay, that's how you can be shameless in a search for readers. Can't you install some kind of sitemeter like other bloggers use in order to track your viewers? I know that many bloggers will review their refer logs in order to see how people reach them.

Jack Mercer said...

Yep! Peter's right! It worked, now I'm hooked for life, SR! I'll be back, and send some of my 'blogger buddies your way. Keep it interesting, but PLEASE PLEASE think before posting. ha!