Friday, January 28, 2005

Blogs I've read this week

At some point I'll actually have time to figure out how to get one of those blog role thingies on the side of my blog, but for now I'll just post this weekly listing:

Meathook Reality: Adam at lawschool
Big Sur Marathon trainingSome dudes I know running a lot
David Wagner, who is cool
Jack is a conservative wacko, but he reads my blog, and comments too! So I like him despite his misguidedness.


Kristy said...

Hey, Kathy. I had to check out your blog after reading your comments on Jack's blog. I've been offline for a couple of weeks, so I'm glad someone has been keeping him honest in my absence!! But to Jack's credit, he's definitely willing to listen to a well-thought-out argument, even if it is Liberal. Take care! ~Lefty

Jack Mercer said...

I am SOO flattered, Kathy! I said a long time ago, I don't mind if I'm talked about--good or bad--just as long as I'm talked about! ha!

Thanks for your kind words though. I DO read your 'blog--its so eclectic. Enjoy it though. Also, thanks for defending me, Lefty! You're a jewel among liberals!