Friday, January 07, 2005

Democrats already expected to screw up again in '08

He never quite came out and said it, but Kerry sounded very much like a man who was running for president again. He has a mailing list with 2.9 million names and an organization in every state. His moneymen have not backed away. By and large, Kerry has not been blamed for the defeat, at least not the way former vice president Al Gore was after the 2000 election. Some of Kerry's followers are already plotting how Kerry can defeat Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses in 2008. The conventional wisdom, already congealing before Bush's second Inaugural, pictures Kerry and Clinton as the early Democratic front runners.

I can't think if a legitimate Republican candidate who wouldn't beat either of these two. Note this survey.

Obama in '08!

Actually, I've often wondered which will happen first: a female president or a black president. I lean toward black. Stated simply, I hold this view because sexism is an institutional value for the group that's claimed a majority mandate to leadership in this country: the religious right.


Jack Mercer said...

Kathy, Kerry won't get even close. Democrats will not allow him to even consider it in the end, because once you lose in the party, you're out. Democrats believe that the election was stolen in 2000, therefore, our 'ol friend Al Gore could be a possible contender in the nomination process...but he won't come close to Hillary in 2008. Btw, its my personal belief that Hillary will be our next president--unless something goes terribly, dreadfully wrong.

Jack Mercer said...

Oh, and Obama doesn't have a prayer. The Democrat Party has sabotaged any black hopeful in the last two decades.