Saturday, August 16, 2008

Top 5 Friday (late because I'm sick)

Top 5 Questions I have about this season of Project Runway:

5) Does Jerrell need to cry every week about the person who gets Auf'd?

4) Will Stella ever actually design something that's not biker-bar wear?

3) Are any of these people actually likable, or are some merely not annoying?

2) How crowded is Mood during regular business hours with ProRun groupies? (If I ever go to NY again, I would totally go on a shopping spree there; though SF seems to have something nearly as good in Britex)

1) Who wants to put bets down now on the final three? (My guesses: Suede, Jerrell and Keith)

1 comment:

regan said...

No women in the final three? I'm going with:


I have absolutely no good reason for picking those three, but there you go.