Saturday, January 19, 2008

Larry Ellison

Around noon we were driving down Woodside Road and saw a convertible Bentley (Nathan noticed it because it had a soft top and not a folding hardtop, which apparently is the new way to go in luxury convertibles). The guy driving it looked a lot like Larry Ellison. Was it him? Well, I thought, surely not. Why would the richest guy in the US be driving himself around? But Nathan said he heard that Larry does, in fact, drive himself. So since he was on his way from Woodside, where he lives, toward 101 North (Oracle is about 10 minutes north), it seems like it very well could be Larry.

So I would put the odds that it was Larry at slightly less than half.

But on the issue of Larry driving to work in his Bentley: why? If I had even a fraction of his money, I would have a driver. Driving around is such a waste of time! I could see if he was driving his fancy car up on Skyline or over to the coast, but on Woodside (traffic light hell) to 101
(ugly billboard hell)?!?

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