Saturday, April 17, 2010

Commedy of errors

Today was the quarterly Restore Hetch Hetchy board meeting. Usually it's in SF, but this time I had to go to the East Bay. Trauma. I left a little late, as usual, and was half way to 101 when I realized I forgot my purse. Hah! I went back and grabbed the purse along with my outlet phone charger, just in case it was low on batteries, since I knew I'd need it for the meeting.

Got back in the car, and the phone is totally dead. No juice. This is a problem bbecause the address of this crazy Emmeryville location is in my Google calendar on my phone. I entered the name of the company whose offices were hosting the meeting in the GPS, but Ms. Nuvi was not giving up the info. So I stopped at a Starbucks in Emmeryville to plug in my phone for a minute and get the address and call someone in the meeting to let me in.

I finally made it to the meeting about 20 minutes late after some funky directions from the Nuvi. What's the moral of the story? Android should make a freaking car charger.

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