Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home Field Advantage

I don't know if those of you who read this blog (Hi Matthew! Adam?) understand the gravity of this situation, but it is heavy (thanks Marty). The Cubs have clinched the best record in the National League. That means they will have home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs and, if they get there (which they better) the second round. The Cubs have a really good record, but they are only 5 games over .500 on the road. At home, they are TWENTY NINE games over .500. So, basically, if they don't get to the World Series this year, they will be considered a huge failure. Of course, they were huge failures in '84 and '03. So that is what I'm used to. If they actually get to the WS, I will be in shock and therefore not intensely concerned about what they do in those 4-7 games.

That said, my hat is on its way, and I have written GO CUBBIES in blue paint on the rear windshield of my car.

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