Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sprouts and the iPod

First, I went to this place called Erik's Deli Cafe. I went there specifically to get this one kind of sandwich, which has pastrami and cheese heated in a pita. First, they were out of pastrami. Lame, but no biggie, substitute ham and roast beef. I ask for "no sprouts." When the guy hands my order to the sandwich-making people, I ask again, "Did you get the no sprouts?" He says yeah. What do I get on my sandwich? Sprouts. You have to be retarded to actually want to eat sprouts. First, they look like sperm. Second, they harbor disease. Third, they offer no nutritional or taste value. As a result of this incident, I am never going to Erik's Deli Cafe ever again. In fact, I am going to endeavor to never order a sandwich from some place that puts sprouts on sandwiches ever again. Which is one reason I like Le Boulanger so much (even though I think the name is silly, so I just call it BOO-lang-er). Oh, and if you needed another reason not to go to Erik's, their bread bowls (which they claim are sourdough, but I'm skeptical) are atrocious compared to Boulanger's.

The other annoying thing that happened to me today was that I got my iPod Mini. This was far and away the most disappointing, aggravating consumer electronics experience I have ever had. More details in a future post...


Jack Mercer said...

I was in Kmart (not Walmart, mind you!--I read your posts:) and bought an mp3 player with broken headphones for FIVE BUCKS! Took it home, loaded some tunes, and put my RCA headset with an adaptor that wieghs about 20 lbs into it and it played wonderfully. Hope your ipod gets better, K!


Peter Schrenk said...

Kathy, you're leaving me hanging here with your tease about the horrible iPod experience!

Jack, if the adaptor weighs 20 lbs, what does the headset weigh? (sorry, this is the equivalent of making fun of spelling, only dorkier. Maybe I should have been an English major.)