Monday, March 28, 2005

Conservative journo suggests righties get into the news biz

(from Romenesko)
Conservative Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel columnist Patrick McIlheran writes: "The blogosphere and National Review are dandy, but ultimately they repackage news, not
originate it. If conservatives want news they can believe, they must
involve themselves in the daily reporting, photographing, editing,
headlining and producing of news as eagerly as do liberals. Honestly, it's
not a hard field to get into. It's fun, and you'll find there are other
conservatives, too (as well as a lot of reasonably friendly liberals)."

Yeah, he's right that it's fun, and not usually hard to get into (depending on your circumstances) but he skipped over the fact that you have to be willing to make less money than a new teacher does.


Jack Mercer said...

How pedantic of Mr. McIlheran! Blogging has its place, and we don't particularly need media elites from either side explaining to us what that role is. Blogging as he pointed out is not news, its analysis, opinion and a lot of other things.

Blogging DOES pose a threat, though, to the media in that for the first time in decades they are being challenged and held accountable for what they report and say. No one likes that...

Jack Mercer said...

Oh, Kathy,

Please take a moment to go to the News Snipet to take immediate action on an issue that threatens America's children. Your activism is appreciated!