Thursday, February 03, 2005

Things that are bothering me today

Does anyone in California use their turn signal? Ever? Or was there some kind of shift in the six years since I moved here and nobody in the country is using their turn signal?

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There is nothing good on the radio. Nothing. OK, NPR, but I don't feel like listening to that allll the time. And, no, I don't listen to Air America or whatever it's called with Jeanine Garafalo and Al Franken; a little something called "preaching to the choir."

Remember, oh, about 15 years ago, some people tried to start a radio station that only played Led Zeppelin? That is a great idea. Because there are no bad Led Zeppelin songs. None. It would be the only radio station where you would never hear a bad song.

I will never understand why stations have dj's or "radio personalities" yammering all the time, especially in the morning. Does anyone enjoy listening to this dribble?

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Does anyone else think it's weird that Blogger lists people's astrological sign and the Chinese year they were born in?


Wags said...

Well, there is a general tack of signalling throughout the country, but California seems to be king of it. It goes along with "the california stop" and what really pisses me off, not getting out of the fast lane. People should know that on a two lane freeway, when not stuck in traffic, you are suppose to ride in the right lane (#2 lane) unless you are passing other traffic. I know there are times you go to pass and the other guy speeds up, but too many people just sit there forever. This was especially true on a road trip I took up to Lassen. I was trying to be good, getting out of the left lane, but the other car in the group just hung out there. Grr...

Jack Mercer said...

What's a turn signal, K?

NPR---good for music, art...but lousy source of news...well, maybe INTERNATIONAL news, but domestic is the pits...

Know what you mean by Air America. I listened to it for two weeks. I really tried, K! But these people have the IQ's of mountain gorillas and the logic of schizophrenics. I think the left truly needs to stick with people like Peter Jennings or Brian Williams...

I KNEW we had more in common, K! Get the LED out, Baby! Ok, got a little carried away, but I LIVE for the Zep set. (Do we share Pink in common too?)

I listen to talk radio in the morning...all yammering (no surprise there, huh?)

Mine wasn't listed. I was born in the year of the least I didn't see that choice...

Keep bloggin', K!

Kathy Schrenk said...

Are we talkin Pink Floyd or "Just Like a Pill" Pink? I'm not terribly into either one :-)

Peter Schrenk said...

People here in the Chicago area seem to be good at using their turn signals. Well, except for the jerks who cut people off after racing past a long line of cars waiting at an exit. I can tolerate just about any obnoxious driving except for those people who just can't wait like everyone else.

NPR can be truly bizarre sometimes. They report some of the quirkiest, obscure stories. The other day I heard a bit on the history of the cow-bell in rock'n'roll music.

No radio personality is more grating to listen to than Michael Savage. I cannot figure out why he is popular. I have never listened to Air America (I don't know if we have it here), but I doubt anyone they can field would be worse than Savage. If he preaches to a choir, it must be an evil choir.

I think the most interesting radio talk show is the Michael Medved Show. He gives more air-time to dissenting opinions than anyone else.