Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Liberal cities

This is an interesting little city "guide;" of special interest, to me, anyway, was the Chicago entry. I agree with the posts. It's true that Chicago is Democratic to the core, but in many ways far from liberal.

To bad the rest of this site is no longer active.


Peter Schrenk said...

Chicago is just Chicago. It is thoroughly run by a Democratic machine, but it seems like Daley is more of a populist than a liberal. As far as the city being generally liberal, it is when you compare it to the Midwest in general. There are also moderating forces involved, such as the influence of Lake and DuPage counties.

One issue where Chicago is soundly on the left is unions. Chicago is more pro-union than anywhere else (except for Detroit, possibly).

Jack Mercer said...

Kathy, I don't like the Democrat Party's misuse of the term "democratic". Its the Democrat Party, not the Democratic Party. Saying "Democratic Party" is like saying "Republicanic Party". Just doesn't make sense. Of course, they have been doing that more of late to make them seem more "Democrat ICa". Hmm...did I miss the issue?

Seems like most big cities are liberal I've noted--comes from the lower standards of education found in our cities... ha! just kiddin'

Would like to invite you to the News Snipet Blog to weigh in on the Social Security issue.


Kathy Schrenk said...

Jack: Thanks for weighing in on "Democrat" vs "Democratic". I think you're right. It seemed weird when I was typing it and I couldn't quite decide how to best word it...

Peter: Chicago is liberal compared to the rest of the Midwest, but that's not saying much. The racism and segregation, which I have personally found to be pervasive, makes it decidedly non-liberal, IMO.

Peter Schrenk said...

Kathy, I think this mostly serves to show how thoroughly inaccurate most "liberal" and "conservative" labels are. People often equate "liberal" with "Democrat" these days, which further confuses discourse. Even worse is how far the corruption of the word "liberal" has become from its original meaning. Since when is New Deal socialism about liberty? Or gun control? The confused definitions of "conservative" are just as bad.

I was going to ask which terms would be appropriate, but they would all fail eventually.

Jack Mercer said...

K, I am in the process of writing a book (why not, everyone else is, huh). One of the things it points out is the "relativity of direction"-- the "left", "right", "liberal", "conservative" issue. So I see Peter's point. Btw, when does Peter launch his blog?

Kathy Schrenk said...

That's a good question, Jack. I've asked it myself. I suspect that what's stopping him is that he's a teacher, so he doesn't spend all day in front of a computer like you are I do, so can't through something into the blogosphere whenever the urge strikes.

(Actually, *I'm* not writing a book, which is unusual, because I'm a journalist, and all the other journalists I know are.)