Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Hillary in '08?

News Snipet links to an article that seems to indicate that Hillary is more palatable to a broader cross-section of Americans than any other possible Democratic candidate. I was under the impression (and Lightning's comment on this post seems to confirm this) that conservatives have the kind of comtempt for Hillary that liberals have for W. Is this not true?

(On a similar topic, my father-in-law commented over Christmas that having TH Kerry as our first lady would be "unacceptable." I'm not quite sure what that means, since a) the first lady usually doesn't do much, b) what would he do about it? and c) is she worse than Hillary? Again, I wonder if I have overestimated conservatives' hatred for Ms. Clinton.)


Peter Schrenk said...

Teresa Heinz Kerry is more than a little nutty. Remember her comment that "only and idiot" wouldn't like her husband's health-care plan? How about the time she called John Kerry's detractors "scumbags"? Or maybe the time she called herself an "African-American"? (technically true, but not very political)

I think we only saw the tip of the iceberg with her. Strong woman? Nah, just obnoxious.

As for Hillary. She is definitely positioning herself to be a moderate candidate. I was aware of some of these maneuverings, and, like any good conservative, I'm skeptical. However, even if it is posturing, she can't be entirely in opposition to her recent statements. This makes her way more palatable to me than many other prominent Democrats.

As a conservative, I believe it would be very bad if the Democrats continue to self-destruct. I do not trust any party to hold all the branches of government for long without becoming unacceptably corrupt. My opinion is that they need to shed the loony left in order to fight for the center. The fight for the center helps each party resist the pull into lunacy.

Jack Mercer said...

Kathy, there is a difference. I speak to many of my conservative friends and they don't HATE Hillary (although I'm sure some people do). But, there is a lot of HATRED for George Bush from the left, and there has never been a president in history that has received more death threats than Bush. Hatred is not liking someone so much that you would want them dead. This seems to be a common theme on many of the left websites that I read.

Hillary, on the other hand, is not particularly hated I would think. Just because people don't agree with her politics, doesn't mean they hate her. Geez, I don't even know her!

I do fear her ambition and agenda though. She is different than her husband, Kerry and even Al Gore in that there is an emotional (and this isn't a female reference) component to her politics that is a little scary. We used to call people who would do anything to advance their cause a "zealot" and that seems to characterize a lot of what Hillary does.

So no, I don't think at this present time that you can compare the hatred for Bush with the "hatred" for Hillary or even her husband. But then again, its often a matter of perspective.

Jack Mercer said...

Oh, "hatred" is thrown around a lot on the left-leaning side. A true definition of the word really needs to be examined by those who use it.

Just a tip, Kathy :)