Thursday, November 29, 2012

more gratitude

15. Tivo
16. cool gmail features like "did you mean this Sheila instead of that Sheila?"
17. A garage freezer full of food.
18. dishwashers
19. my job--they're paying me to work from home while the boys are in school on something I'm passionate about!?!
20. skylights
21. This cookbook
22. a sink in the garage (you don't know how convenient this is until you don't have one)
23. The Beast
24. Dinner with good friends that crack me up.
25. Friends who suggest cool stuff like going to the tidepools
26. the incredible turning radius of our new van (I'm still getting used to all the fancy bells and whistles, but so far this is the biggest improvement)
27. my boys getting to feel their sister moving around in my belly

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