Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Election Today

It's time to vote here in the RC. I'm really hoping my fellow citizens make the right decisions at the polling places today.

This is an important election because two council members are terming out and someone elected today could be on the council for sixteen years!

Cherlene Wright is at the top of my endorsement list. She's a genuine person and not a political insider who has raised tons of money to waste on ads and and whatever it is you would spend $30,000 dollars on during a city council campaign in a city of 70,000.

Jeff Gee is one of the few candidates who actually spells out what he's going to do rather than spew platitudes. Here's an example of the scintilating language of one of the other candidates under the category of "top priorities": "Working together to achieve our community's vision. Fiscal responsibility. Building community partnerships." Way to go out on a limb there. I'm just saying.

Jeff Ira is the only incumbent on the ballot (due to term limits). He's the candidate of solid experience and should be a shoe-in.

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