Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Pop Report

Almost a year ago I decided to try to get off the diet pop. Finally, it seems I'm close. The last few weeks I've only been drinking it about twice a week, and it seems that about half the time I drink it I immediately get a headache. So that's a good thing. And I figure pop won't be as pervasive in Australia as it is here, so that will help. I here they really know how to do coffee there, so I expect I'll be drinking a lot of that.

In other diet news, I'm trying out a dairy-free diet to see if it makes me feel any better, tummy-area-wise. Hopefully they have soy milk at the coffee joints in Sydney, or else I better get used to my coffee black.

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Linda said...

Why would you think soda would be less pervasive here? It all over the place! (and they'll have weird sodas you've never heard of)

Dairy free, huh? This isn't dairy free, but have you tried eating more yoghurt? Or taking those pills that simulate yoghurt? Yes, they spell yoghurt with an "h" down here, and for some crazy reason, they spell vegie with one "g" instead of two.

Don't know about soy milk for coffee, you'll have to ask Adam.