Saturday, May 16, 2009

We are so far behind

Mmm, some local politicians are endorsing water recycling. Good work! How long have we been living in this near-desert?

Have I mentioned how insane it is that we don't have any kind of water use regulations around here? I'm pretty sure I have. But I'll mention it again. Why are Californians so incredibly delusional when it comes to water???


Linda said...

So true! And why do we have faucets that dump so much unused water right down the drain? They need foot pedals or something (but footpedals a toddler or a cat can't work) since you can't exactly turn off the water while you soap your face and then fumble for the lever again... And it's not reasonable to turn the water off for the 3 seconds you need to scrub each dish before you rinse it. There would probably be a lot less water use if people had better water-heaters too. How much cold (clean) shower water just goes right down the drain? Urgh.

I saw a really cool contraption that used the bathroom handbasin water catch to fill a toilet tank. Awesome!

Kathy Schrenk said...

At this point it definitely makes sense to install an "instant" water heater if your old one goes bad. New construction is certainly more water-efficient: recycled water for toilets, etc.

Hopefully as this drought continues, people will clue in and get rid of their lawns. But when the rain comes back, of course they'll just install them again...