Saturday, May 02, 2009

screw you, San Carlos!

Linda and Adam will be visiting the Bay Area in a few weeks (YAY!!!) and wanted to have a park picnic with friends. Burton Park in San Carlos would be nice, we thought. So I emailed the parks department and, lo and behold, there were picnic sites available for the last weekend in May! Kind of amazing...

Reservations are over-the-phone only, so I called the park department:
Me: "I'd like to reserve the tot playground area."
Parks lady: "Do you live in San Carlos?"
Lady: "Oh! You have to live in San Carlos. I should have asked when you emailed..."

So I went on to the Redwood City parks site, to see if I could reserve and are at the lovely park where we had Arthur's bday party. It was available, and as far as I could tell, you don't have to be an RC resident, of course.

Who does San Carlos think it is, Shallow Alto?


Matthew said...

Some of these peninsula cities can soon restrict park usage and voting to only the land holding class.

Lorraine said...

Way to waive the RWC flag! I saw your email today to the club as well, classic! Glad that you finally got a reservation, and thanks for passing on the info.