Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Pop Report

It's been nearly four months since I decided to quit drinking diet soda. It's going ok. I'm down to just one on most days. But there was a domestic incident today related to pop.

You see, sometimes I stop at a gas station or convenience store or such to get a 20 ouncer. And one in eight of these has a buy-one-get-one-free coupon under the cap. So I ended up collecting four of these. So I had me a stash in the fridge. Now, my dear husband has been supportive of the pop-quiting. We haven't bought any cases of cans or bottles since I started my experiment, not even Splenda Coke.

Hubby: If you can have a stash that I can't drink from, then I want a stash that you can't drink from.
Me: But I'll drink from it!
Hubby: But you can't!
Me: But I will anyway!

He does not understand the power of addiction.

We decided that we would try not to have any more pop in the house. He can have a stash at work....

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Linda said...

Keep the soda out of your house until you are fully recovered from your addiction. Then he can probably have a small stash at the house and it won't have any power over you. I gave up soda over three years ago and we now keep some in the fridge for friends and for Adam, and I don't drink them. But for a while, there was no soda in the house.