Friday, January 05, 2007

Pro-lifers whif again

When I heard about this on NPR, I thought that maybe, finally, someone in federal government was going to do something practical about the abortion problem. While giving money to pregnant women and people who adopt babies is fine, why don't the right-to-lifers want to try to prevent unplanned pregnancies -- which often result in abortions?

If right-to-lifers really wanted to make a difference, they'd be handing out condoms in high schools and funding ad campaigns telling people how to use birth control. For reasons I can't fathom, they skip over this step in their head.

We somehow managed to convince people that smoking is bad -- even people who won't quit know it's bad for them. Why can't we convince people that having sex without birth control results in pregnancy?


dbt said...

Because for the people who RUN the movement, it's Sex that's bad. Abortion is just a side effect of Sex.

Sex is bad. Unless you're married and trying to have a baby and you're doing it in the dark through a bed sheet.

Then it's icky, but ok.

Nemesis of Evil said...

dbt's got it nailed. Check out this report my cousin did on how the U.S.-funded AIDS prevention efforts abroad are failing because of the unwillingness to talk about condoms

Melanie said...

because sex outside of marriage is only ok if you're a congressman and think you won't get caught. others are just anti-sex-before-marriage and anti-sex-if-you're-poor-and-might-end- up-on-welfare.