Monday, January 15, 2007

Marin County-ites show their ignorance

These people have obviously never seen a Habitat for Humanity development, or talked to anyone who owns a Habitat home, and they very likely don't even have a basic knowledge of what Habitat does. They just hear "low-income housing," know they don't want those people in their posh neighborhood, and come up with the traffic excuse to explain their opposition.

Habitat is perhaps the most well-run non-profit I've become acquainted with. The homes are high-quality, the owners are chosen with great care, and safeguards are put in place to make sure the families who live there are stable. Anyone would be lucky to have a Habitat home in their neighborhood.

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Matthew said...

I like the second quote in the article: "We don't have anything against Habitat, but nobody wants the traffic here. It's going to kill us."

Yes, four new homes are going to increase traffic by huge amounts. Habitat is trying to kill the neighbors.