Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More whining about the "liberal media"

I haven't heard the Righties make suggestions about what the news orgs do about the "bias." As far as I know, editors aren't asking would-be reporters where they stand on gays, guns and abortion; I'm sure we'd be hearing about lawsuits if they were. I have heard it suggested that most reporters are Dems because Repubs generally are interested in more lucrative fields. Perhaps Carlson and other complainers would favor a conscription program forcing Young Republicans to apply for jobs at their local papers that pay $25,000 a year.

Courtesy Romenesko:

Claim: Everyone in journalism is pro-choice, favors gay vows

Daily Nexus

Tucker Carlson and Eric Alterman at a UC-Santa Barbara debate:

CARLSON: "Everybody in journalism is pro-choice, pro-gun control and for
gay marriage. When you only have people [in the media] that all think the
same, you do not have good coverage. You can’t cover America until you
have a newsroom that looks like America … who thinks like America."

ALTERMAN: "If we had a liberal media, then 44 percent of Americans would
not have believed the Sept. 11 bombers were Iraqis. We get an extremely
biased version of the news."

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Wags said...

crap, i need to keep a better eye on the lectures/talks/debates coming through this town.