Monday, December 20, 2004

Mulder to St. Louis

It is a dark, dark day in baseball. Not only has my favorite American League team -- the heroes of the small market, the champions of scrappy stick-to-itiveness, the poster children for stats trumping deep pockets and pumped-up steroid freaks -- traded two of its star pitchers, two of my favorite players. That wouldn't be so bad by itself; the A's have rebounded time after time from the loss of star players (witness the 2004 replacement of Bobby Crosby for star shortstop and fan favorite Miguel Tejada). But who did they trade Mulder to? The bleeping Cardinals. The nemesis of my team, the Cubs. As if it's not enough that they were virtually unbeatable last year or that they've won the division four of the last five years.

At this point in time I have absolutley no will or incentive to follow baseball in 2005.

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