Tuesday, September 08, 2009

What. Is wrong. With people. Seriously.

Yesterday we had yet another fabulous block party. There was

* a great band, featuring our neighbor, Greg;
* food and drink;
* stomp rocketing in the middle of the street;
* and best of all, our wonderful neighbors hanging out with us.

There were also

* at least two people yelling obscenities at us;
* at least one person honking in anger and speeding off;
* and one folding chair, with a "McGarvey Closed Ahead" sign taped to it, stolen.

All this anti-social behavior was from people who consider McGarvey Avenue to be their own personal freeway. They are so oblivous that they don't see it as the residential street where people live, work, sleep and play with their kids. Seriously, is everyone so keyed up that they can't accept the closure of one block of a moderately busy street on a major holiday? It's not like we're closing the Bay Bridge or something.


Lorraine said...

Sorry about the rude people - but glad to hear that you all pulled off a great block party with your neighbors! RWC is doing such a great job with reviving neighborhoods - it's fun to hear of events like this.

Linda said...

Maybe it was the people who were trying to go around the Bay Bridge closure. Did the police come and try to scare you off this time?