Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Election season in the RC

Before you know it, people will be getting their vote-by-mail ballots and candidate signs will be popping up in what seems like every other yard. There's an election Nov. 3, and Redwood City will be electing new council members and school board members.

In coming weeks I'll be publicizing my endorsements here. What makes me think I'm any more qualified to make endorsements than the next blogger? Well, I know all but two of the candidates, at least a little. (I don't know a single person running for the high school district board, but if I have time to learn enough about them to make solid choices, I will.) And I know Redwood City, since I've lived here for seven years and have been heavily involved with entities that deal directly with local government. And before that I covered Redwood City for the Examiner for more than two years, so it was my job to know Redwood City.

Of course, I may be totally off base with the picks I make and if you think I am, let me know. Hopefully these blog posts will create some interesting dialog and spread reliable information.


Jason Buberel said...

So what are some of the changes/initiatives you are looking for in an endoreseable candidate? And what do you think are the Big 3 issues that all candidates really ought to be paying attention to in RWC:

- Local economic development
- School voucher/funding/compensation
- Bike Access
- Green/Energy Issues


Kathy Schrenk said...

Jason -- I don't really set a list of "requirement" for a candidate I'll endorse; like most city council elections in towns of this size, the election is less issue-driven and more personality-driven. I'm endorsing based on who I think is going to add a valuable voice and perspective. I've met each of the candidates personally at least once and I know enough people around town that I can get good info on the ones I haven't had as much interaction with. Almost all of the candidates speak in generalities about their "platform" anyway.

Jason Buberel said...

Understood - I found the same was true for Sunnyvale city council seats, which are also non-partisan. However, the sometimes do have 'pet projects' that they really want to push forward ("More money for the library" or "More bike friendly roads") that are sometimes interesting.