Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Just when you thought the Cubs were done being so Cub."

Gotta love this from Steve Rosenbloom:

On second thoughts: Soriano should heed the fifth

Cubs manager Lou Piniella says Alfonso Soriano will bat second, the
one spot that he seems least equipped to handle, what with the need
for plate discipline and sacrifice. In fact, Aramis Ramirez is better
equipped to hit second than Soriano is, if only because Ramirez
doesn't strike out nearly as much.

If Soriano's constant leg problems mean he isn't a threat to steal
bases, as the Cubs believe, then he is simply a power hitter who
strikes out a lot, which sounds like he should be hitting fifth. The
rumored No. 5 hitter Kosuke Fukudome, meanwhile, comes with the
scouting report of being a hybrid of Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui
-- you know, all the skills you'd want for a guy in the 2-hole.

But no.

Right now, manager Lou Piniella has it the other way around. Just when
you thought the Cubs were done being so Cub.

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