Monday, April 09, 2007

Sliding into first base

As I was listening to yesterday's Giants-Dodgers game, I heard a description of Jeff Kent sliding into first base. This has to be one of the least intelligent moves in all of sport (aside from pretty much any move in boxing, of course). For those who aren't aware, the rules of baseball require the runner to run from home to first and touch, but not remain on, first base. So the idea is to run as fast as you can for those 90 feet and not slow down until after your foot hits the base. Sliding is only required when you're trying to avoid a tag (at second, third or home) and when you need to stay on the base. Sliding is not going to get you to first any faster, and you don't have to avoid any tag. So why do players do it? I can only conclude that it is because they are dumb (for excellent example, see Kent above and associated facial hair). They are simply of below-average intelligence. Which may be why most announcing teams are so bad (more on this tomorrow).

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dbt said...

Actually, there is a time when it's appropriate to slide -- if the throw pulls the first baseman off the base or he had to field the ball and there's nobody covering the base for a force, you slide to avoid the tag.

Kent is also as dumb as a box of rocks. This is the guy who signed a "no motorcycles" contract, then busted his arm playing games on a bike, and lied about it.... he fell "washing his truck", I believe, was his cover story.