Monday, April 24, 2006

Weird-o letters to the editor

Check out the WalMart one. Even if you like WalMart, you have to admit that it's pretty weird that they were ringing up her purcahses while -- oh, it just has to be read to be believed.

(The high school parking one is weird, too)

*Nemesis hat-tip*

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jipzeecab said...

It's nice to know the crew at Walmart is well prepared for any emergency, especially the part where they make sure all transactions are completed and in the possession of the customer out of the store. Why I think this manager deserves to be nominated as Store Manager of the Year!
What is this "Kaiser Card" business? Is it some all purpose ID credit card for "Kaiser" employes or the local bank?
About 10 years ago I was checking out of a WalMart and when the cashier had finished ringing up my stuff she was instructed to hit me up for a dollar for the regional Children's Hospital. Being someone who doesn't like to be solicited for anything by someone I don't know I replied:
"If each of the six members of the Walton family who own all the Walmart stock would give the percentage of their wealth that a dollar is of mine to Children's Hospitals those institutions wouldn't have any problems with funding..
Sorry to clutter your blog space up with a rant..