Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More reasons for Jesus to be proud of the religious right

a) What kind of dope is this guy on?
b) When did the meek-shall-inherit, peace-on-earth types become the war mongerers?
c) Robertson is 75; maybe he's senile, which makes me feel great about him being a leader of the most influential political movement today.
d) Rumsfeld's comment about how we don't "do that kind of thing" is pretty comical.


Peter Schrenk said...

What exactly do Robertson's comments have to do with the "religious right?" I don't know that Pat was representing anyone other than himself when he spewed this idiocy. Chavez may be an evil despot, but I don't think he has earned this call for assassination. I surmise that many who comprise the religious right would agree with me here.

Kathy Schrenk said...

Hey Pete! Glad you're back and checking in. My sense is that there are a lot of folks in the religious right who identify with Roberston and that he believes he speaks for them. They have, after all, voted with their check books, as this insightful column points out:


Toad734 said...

There's got to be more to it than what it seems. Robertson is notorious for supporting dictators that allow him to set up things such as diamond mines in his country and denouncing ones that don't let him exploit their third world labor.

Yes Pat Robertson owns diamond mines in Liberia and West Africa.

Peter Schrenk said...

As a religious conservative, I find Pat Robertson to be more on the right than religious. I think a number of those on the religious right become swayed by political arguments more than religious ones. This is a pull I myself have felt when listening to non-Christian conservatives. I think Robertson's moral compass is based more on politics than the Bible. If, as toad says, Robertson has diamond mines in West Africa, then I think that says everything.

Incidentally, I think this is a useful lesson for me when I'm tempted to throw all people on the left into the same group with the likes of Michael Moore. Not all lefties are so vindictive and crazy! :)

Jack Mercer said...

Hi Kathy!

Even though the labels have been assigned to him, I see this man as neither religious or conservative.

Also, keep in mind guys that the terms "right" and "left" are relative.