Saturday, April 02, 2005

Arizona "Minutemen" take aim against illegals

This NPR piece from Friday is no joke. These armed citizens express their feelings about illegal crossings, including one who says Mexicans coming into the country cheapen her citizenship. She makes about as much sense as the folks who argue that gay marriage will somehow weaken straight marriages across the country.


Jack Mercer said...

The unfortunate thing is that the government refuses to take responsibility for the illegal immigration mess. If they are allowed in, then we need to process them at the border and say "Welcome to the United States". However, if they are illegal, then shouldn't someone be doing something about it?

Anonymous said...

"The Constitution of the United States and of most of our states assert that all power is inherint in the PEOPLE, that they may exercise it as they see fit, that it is their RIGHT AND DUTY to be at all times armed"
T.Jefferson 1775

They knew 2oo years ago what we fail to see today, it,s about time some Americans perform their duties and exercise their rights.Godspeed Minutemen! The Constitution provides every LEGAL American to defend their rights and their homeland when the authorities cannot or will not do so.