Saturday, November 13, 2004

Shop till you drop

Wedding dress shopping, Round Four. Today it was Vera Wangs at Saks 5th Ave. (This was preceeded by Unique Bride and Eve's Bridal in Burlingame and Bridal Emporium in SF, all in the past six weeks.)For those of you who don't know, Vera Wang is a famous designer who makes shiny, pretty, expensive things like dresses and shoes. Her dresses are the most expensive ones Linda has tried on so far.

Now, you can't just walk in off the street and try on Vera Wang dresses. You have to have an appointment. So there we were at 10:15 on a Saturday morning. (Actually, it was 10:45; we were late.) As far as things to be doing on a Saturday morning with a monster hangover, looking at pretty, shiny things isn't so bad.

We only tried on five or so dresses. At this point I would go into the details about the dresses, including the two that were Linda's favorite, but that would make Linda very pissed at me, because Adam might read this and then get some inkling as to what the dress looks like. I have learned that that would be very bad. So I will only say that one of the front runners cost $2,700, and the other one $4,900. The veil was only $150. (My job is generally to hold the veils, which is fun, cause I get to put them on :-) )

We shall see if Linda decides to buy the lower-priced dress, and if she is able to get it "cheap" online.

After we were finished with gowns, it was time to shop for shoes; specifically Jimmy CHOOs! (Linda really likes to say that.) These are very shiny, pretty, expensive things. At Saks they live right next to the Manolo Blahnik. For those who don't know, Manolos are the shoes that Carrie made famous on Sex in the City. (I would never have known what they were but for the show.) So I thought I'd try some on. I tried on one pair about which I no longer remember any details. Then I tried on these little sandals. They were pink. They were gorgeous (or "darling," as one fellow shopper said while I admired how cute they made my feet look in the mirror). They must have been crocodile, Linda said, because the tag on the bottom said $1,050. A thousand dollars for a pair of shoes! The sales guy seemed pretty disappointed when I said I was going to pass on them today. I could have made some quip about coming back after Google stock had split a few times, but I instead reflected upon the Jimmy Choos Linda was trying on. Very shiny and pretty.

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